What We Do

Promoting Awareness

Knowing about a problem is the first step towards a solution. Although there is considerable publicity and support services for the victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Honour Killing, very little if anything is known about child marriage in the UK and other developed countries.  This is mainly because politicians in the developing countries where the practice is prevalent prefer to call it “early marriage” to disguise the reality.  In addition, the former child wives who are now living in the UK and other developed countries are too embarrassed to tell their story and expose the horror.

Alemtsahye Gebrekidan, a former child wife, has decided to “come out” in order to encourage other former child wives to stand together in promoting awareness of the sheer scale of social, psychological, economic and health problems associated with child marriage. We hope to inspire policy makers, the press and the general public to act and make a difference in the lives of former child wives and their children.